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GCC Hospitals Performance Benchmarking Report 2016

GCC Hospitals Performance Benchmarking Report 2016

GCC Healthcare Perspective Report 2015

GCC Healthcare Perspective Report 2015

Webinar Benchmarking Essentials

Webinar: Benchmarking Essentials

Webinar Benchmarking Practices

Webinar: Benchmarking Practices

Webinar Benchmarking Step to Success

Webinar: Benchmarking: Step to Success

Webinar Innovation through benchmarking

Webinar: Innovation through benchmarking

State of Employee Performance Management 2016 Global Edition

State of Employee Performance Management 2016 Global Edition

Webinar Key Performance Trends in 2015

Webinar: Key Performance Trends in 2015

State of Performance Improvement and KPI Practice Report 2015


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Center for Benchmarking Performance - Innovating through benchmarking

All entrepreneurs are aware of the fact that productivity is one of the most important aspects for successful product development. Benchmarking enables companies to determine which of their procedures would benefit more from improvement strategies, and what they should do to become more productive and profitable. Hence, organizations have started to focus increasingly more on product development processes.

Center for Benchmarking Performance - Why is benchmarking vital

Best practice benchmarking allows companies to conduct a comparison of performance data obtained by means of studying similar processes or activities performed by other organizations, and identifying, adapting, and implementing the practices that produced the best performance results. This represents the most powerful type of benchmarking, as it focuses on “action” and it is used for learning from others’ experiences.

Center for Benchmarking Performance - Social media benchmarking

In order to conduct an advertising campaign, companies can use tracking tools like coded advertising coupons, whereas for web analytics for your website, statistics can be generated to show the visitors’ behavior (Google Analytics). But how can your company achieve the greatest results through social media?