Mirrors only reflect what’s in front of them. They may show you what you have and how you look like, but they don’t compare you with others and can’t support you to improve and develop.

Within the different events conducted by The KPI Institute we don’t just focus on identifying performance levels and comparing them with others, but we also provide different best practices to consider when planning for your continuous improvement journey and allow rich-content discussions to ensure sharing of information and learning towards outstanding performance results.

The Performance Improvement and KPIs Conference, Dubai 17-20 October 2016

The conference represents an interactive learning and communication platform, where both performance management and performance measurement practitioners can broaden their perspective on the matter, through 3 informative and comprehensive streams: Government Performance, Healthcare Performance and Productivity, Quality and Innovation Performance, as well as through 6 engaging, hands-on workshops.

The main topics approached during the conference will be:

  • Performance Management for Higher Education
  • Big Data in Government Performance Improvement
  • Quality Improvement and Healthcare in Saudi Arabia
  • Quality performance and KPIs
  • State of Performance Improvement and KPIs in Middle East
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HR Performance Forum

The Forum is a groundbreaking networking platform, providing you with exclusive opportunities. Through the delivery of results based workshops, along with interactive networking sessions, the HR Performance Forum brings together the most inspiring and influential leaders in HR and business management to discuss the newest initiatives, tools and strategies meant to improve business processes and build a high performing culture within organisations.

The Forum’s three pillars consist of keynote presentations on the importance of performance management process and best practices to optimize the performance appraisal system, successful case studies that highlight the new trends in employee performance systems, culture and strategies, as well as panel discussions and roundtables to exchange ideas, offer new perspectives and share information about methods for enhancing employee engagement.

Within the second day of the Forum you have the opportunity to participate in industry leading professional development workshops on employee performance appraisal systems and strategy implementation through operating a performance oriented culture in order to gain the skills and tactics to stay competitive.

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Performance Improvement and KPIs Forum – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Performance Improvement and KPIs Forum is the essential meeting place for organizations interested in finding out the latest trends in performance improvement as well as most innovative business processes that shape the business environment today.

The Performance Improvement and KPIs Forum is a revolutionary platform for performance measurement practitioners and leaders to achieve better understanding of the terminology, tools and techniques, as well as implement best performance measurement systems in their organizations.

This Forum offers participants valuable insights, enabling them to:

  • Improve performance measurement across organizations;
  • Connect and align organizational strategy with department business plans and employee appraisals;
  • Build a robust performance culture, by engaging staff and management;
  • Understand key trends in performance improvement across Asia Pacific;
  • Benchmark with regional best practices in performance measurement and management;
  • Drive process and quality performance improvements across departments.

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