Advisory services

Secondary Research

Given our experience in the performance management field, as well as the ability to compare between different performance and methodological results and criteria among national, regional and global organisations, we can support you in any secondary benchmarking research project you have by reviewing the criteria, requirements and expected added value, conducting an extensive research to provide you back with what is needed to base your decisions upon, direct your team efforts and the whole organization towards delivering what best suits your market.

Primary Research

Previous, current and planned projects at The KPI Institute reflect the ability and experience we have in terms of conducting benchmarking projects that are based on real time data that are directly provided by organisations measuring them. This expertize provides us with high levels of integrity when dealing with organisations on a global level, whether in terms of explaining our intentions, understanding other organisations’ concerns, collecting their data and thoroughly analyzing this data. At The KPI Institute we appreciate collaboration and sharing towards success, and we will continue to conduct benchmarking projects to spread this culture around and to help you in your own benchmarking journey towards outstanding performance results.

Online Dashboards

KPIs can be very heterogamous when it comes to measurement frequency, purpose and trends. By using KPIs, however, organisations, countries and even regions can have a better access to the right data, visualize it and make the best decisions. At The KPI Institute we will work together with the different organisations joining our benchmarking projects to develop productive data visualization dashboards that can deliver more value and help you better understand your performance results.

Conferences and site visits

Benchmarking is a journey that fits within the overall continuous improvement initiatives any organisation conducts. For this reason, our contribution towards your continuous improvement doesn’t end by providing performance benchmarking reports, but we continue by inviting you to join us in regional and global conferences, where performance results can be shared, experiences can be transferred and learning can be maximized to ensure the main purpose of benchmarking – which is continuous learning – is fulfilled. Moreover, through our benchmarking community we can arrange site visits to the best companies within different areas of organizational management to support you towards witnessing how things are done in the best-in-class organisations, initiate connections with them and identify needed road map to benchmark and develop performance.