In a world of continuous development, improvements are essential and expectations are always raising. Organisations are no longer categorized based on country, region or even the continent where they operate but on how they cope with the competitiveness, how much they can operate and to what extent they can listen and react to what their customers’ needs and expectations. For these reasons, borders were eliminated and globalization is emerging quickly, which directs organisations around the world to run after what can keep them in the market, attract more customers and deliver what can bring them back more profits or even help accomplishing their visions.

The Center for Performance Benchmarking

The KPI Institute’s benchmarking studies were developed to offer professionals insights on the processes and best practices that lead to superior performance. Together with our networking events, our services provide a unique and complex learning experience that exceeds the simplicity of a benchmarking report. Over the years, we developed a variety of benchmarking studies on business performance, although lately our efforts focused on offering commissioned research based on our client’s needs.

The KPI Institute has gathered all of its research, education possibilities and advisory opportunities into one comprehensive Center for Performance Benchmarking, in order to support you towards clearing out the full picture of where you stand in such a world, what needs to be improved, with whom you can partner and how you can employ benchmarking practices in order to bring the most added value for your business.

Our mission

To offer comprehensive and reliable results, that is why our benchmarking methodology encompasses multiple processes. First we establish the main directions of the study through secondary research, then we facilitate training sessions to ensure that the companies involved in the study follow a standardized procedure in KPIs and data gathering, and we conclude with on-site visits to gain more information on the business processes.

Discover our Benchmarking research projects, dedicated publications, events and training courses, as well as advisory services, and get in touch with our dedicated research fellows to explore more opportunities!